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Pink Dot LLC (“Pink Dot Moving”)

PUC HHG-00589

1100 Delaware Ave, Unit D, Longmont, CO, 80501



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Intrastate (Colorado only) movers in Colorado are regulated by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Each mover should have a PUC permit number. You are encouraged to contact the PUC to confirm that the mover you are using is indeed permitted in Colorado. Pink Dot Moving's permit number is:

PUC HHG-00589


  A mover that is not permitted may not withhold any of your property to enforce payment of money due under the contract ('carrier's lien'). A mover must include its PUC permit number, true name, and physical (street) address in all advertisements. 


You should be aware that the total price of any household move can change, based on a number of factors that may include at least the following: 

  • Additional services you request at the time of the move; 

  • Additional items to be moved that were not included in the mover's original estimate or your inventory

  • Changes to the location or accessibility of building entrances, at either end of the move, that were not included in the mover's original estimate; and 

  • Changes to the previously agreed date of pickup or delivery. 

You should also be aware that, in case of a dispute between you and the mover, Colorado has an arbitration process available to resolve the dispute without going to court. 

If you have any questions, you are encouraged to call the PUC at (303) 894-2070 for guidance on your rights and obligations. 

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