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Home/Apartment Moving Service

Are you tired of the stresses that come with moving your house, apartment, and family? Simply searching "moving near me" or "local moving" can give you more options imaginable! Calling our offices, you talk to a real, local moving specialist who will work with you to make your booking as smooth as possible. Our Pink Dot moving crew offers the best local moving services in Boulder, Longmont, and throughout Colorado. We know how stressful moving can be and we're here to help! Here are a few ways we make moving better than anyone else!


  1. We offer Full-Protection Coverage up to the value of $20,000 for your goods while in our care and you can rest assured that our movers will take care of your stuff like it's their own. Call (720)- 324-1303 or email for more information. 

  2. We have NO fuel charge!

  3. We offer pads, plastic wrap, and other protective measures free of charge to prevent even the smallest scratch.

Home/Apartment Moving Service

4.  Rather than billing to and from our offices, we only begin our time when we arrive at your door and we stop the time when we're done! We don't charge you to drive to you!


5. We use the best equipment to make moving easier on our guys and the best techniques to make moving faster and lighter on your wallet!

6.  We bring all of the tools and equipment to dismantle and assemble all types of furniture, from trampolines to your fridge door!

7. After our 120 minute minimum, we charge by the 30 minute increment to make sure you only pay for time used. We only collect payment once the move is complete and you only pay for the time actually used!

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Home/Apartment Moving Service


       Included in price:

2-4 Moving specialists

16ft. closed box truck(s)

All necessary equipment:

Plastic wrap, moving blankets, dollies, lifting tools, hand tools 

Assembly and disassembly of furniture 

And the best part:

Time starts and stops at your door! No more paying hourly rates to drive to your house.

Guaranteed best local movers in Longmont and Boulder.

Call today for a free quote:


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