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Pink Dot LLC (“Pink Dot Moving”)

PUC: HHG-00589

1100 Delaware Ave, Longmont, CO, 80501



Terms & Agreement of Services


We’re Pink Dot Moving, a Longmont based, family owned local moving company. We are 100% licensed by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC HHG-00589) and we’re proud to offer our services to the great people of Boulder County and beyond! We understand moving can be stressful, but we're here to help! We want you to have a positive and stress-free experience with us and in order to serve you to the best of our abilities, we have certain policies to which we must adhere. These policies are put in place to protect both you and Pink Dot Moving. By scheduling or purchasing services through Pink Dot Moving, you agree to the following terms:

Estimates/Pricing: Our goal is always to give the most honest, upfront, and accurate estimates possible and we even offer a free in home estimates if the need arises! Unless specified by a fixed price, all of our estimates are non-binding estimates and subject to change. Non-binding estimates will always give you a range of time and price depending on different variables that may affect the overall move time. This includes but is not limited to: access to parking, plastic wrapping of items, stairs, long carry distances, items not being boxed properly, loose items, assembly and disassembly of items, slow elevators, bad weather, traffic, additional items not mentioned on the inventory list, or any circumstance not discussed prior to the move.


​Unless otherwise stated by a fixed price, our moving services are billed in half-hour increments after the first 2 hour time minimum. Any time exceeding the 2 hour minimum shall be considered a half-hour and five minutes over the half hour is considered a full hour for billing purposes.

We do our best to make things SIMPLE and instead of billing to and from our Longmont office, we only begin billing when we arrive at your location! Our time and hourly rate starts as soon as the movers arrive and park the truck at the first location, and charges end as soon as the job is completed and the completion paperwork signed. 

 We require payment directly to Pink Dot LLC. for all services after services have been rendered. You agree to pay for all hours of service rendered. Methods of payment accepted are cash, debit card, credit card, Venmo. Payment via credit card or debit card will require a 3.5% transaction fee added to the total final price. At this time checks are NOT accepted.

Cancellations: We do not require a deposit and instead ask that customers give us at least 72 hour notice of any need to reschedule or cancel a move/delivery prior to scheduled date as this will give us enough time to fill the slot with another and make sure we keep our guys working! In the event that you need to reschedule a move, we will always do our best to work around your schedule, however there is no guarantee we will have available openings to meet your exact time and date.

​​Adverse weather policy: Although very unlikely, ​in the event of inclement weather, Pink Dot LLC. retains the right to cancel or reschedule any moving or delivery service when weather or other uncontrollable conditions can endanger the health and safety of our movers, equipment, and the items being moved, as determined in the sole discretion of Pink Dot LLC. Any time there is adverse weather, especially snow or ice, the areas needing to be used in the move or delivery must be prepared by the customer to allow our movers to safely execute the service. Any driveway or truck access location that is covered in snow or ice or anything that prevents our trucks from safely accessing the loading/unloading area may delay the process, and will result in increased time spent, thus longer hourly charges. You must plow, shovel or clear your the areas needed for work, especially driveways, so our trucks can safely access the area, otherwise we may have to spend time on the clock to clear the driveway or loading areas. 

Required Inventory List (Moving Only*): We understand moving can be stressful trying to organize all of your belongings before the big day, however in order to give you the most accurate estimate and to understand the total amount of space required to transport your belongings, we ask that customers fill out our virtual inventory form or email a detailed inventory list to at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled move date. To request a inventory form, please call 720-324-1303 or email We ask that the list consists of an estimated number of boxes and tubs (ex. 40-50 boxes), as well as ALL furniture items, and ALL miscellaneous items (ex. 3 bikes, 2 shovels, etc.) needing to be moved. This list will help us determine the fleet required (ie. 1 or 2 trucks) in order to fit all of your items in one load and we can make sure your items are covered in the unlikely event of damage Although we always do our best to estimate the size needed, there is never a guarantee that all of your items will fit in one load/trip and the option of making multiple trips or using more than one truck may be recommended. 


Assembly-required items: Our team is experienced and happy to help take apart and reassemble items needing to be moved, however Pink Dot LLC. is not responsible for any item or structure that is assembled or disassembled by Pink Dot LLC. movers. These items especially include custom build items, Ikea type furniture, gym equipment, and previously damaged or incorrectly assembled furniture items. If you would like to save time and money, we do recommend either taking these items apart yourself prior to the movers arrival, or to have the original instruction manual available to make the job easier. 

Items Not Mentioned on Inventory: We understand that last minute add-ons happen, however in the event that our movers are asked to move items not listed on the required emailed inventory list before the move date, our movers will use their discretion as to what they are able to load in order to complete the job within the time allocated. You may be advised that the items needing to be moved will increase the original estimate, that certain items may have to be moved at a later date, or that they are unable to move the items that were not mentioned. We are also unable to provide any coverage for any items not mentioned as each item must be reflected on the inventory list.

Presswood/Particle Board/IKEA Furniture: We always take extra care while moving any items made from Presswood/Particle Board, however furniture or items that are made using this material will have no coverage as these items are inherently fragile, usually come shipped in a box, and are not made to be moved once built.


Contents of Drawers: When flights of stairs are needing to be maneuvered, we ask that the contents of all drawers must be removed, however the drawers themselves can remain inside the item. Standard file cabinets (2 drawers only) can stay packed. Lateral and Fireproof file cabinets must be emptied. When no flights of stairs are needing to be maneuvered, clothing  and light items may remain in dresser drawers, but please remove fragile, valuable, and heavy items (i.e. perfume, jewelry, books, papers, etc.). 


Televisions/Printers/Computer Monitors/Appliances/Electronics: These items must be packed in the original packaging or crated prior to moving. If not correctly packaged, we will always blanket and plastic wrap these items, however Pink Dot LLC assumes no liability for any damages that may occur to these item(s).


Appliances: Our movers can disconnect and reconnect washers and dryers as long as the right connections are in place, however we do recommend you disconnect and drain washers prior to moving to prevent water from leaking. We are unable to disconnect or reconnect any fridges with ice-maker connections or connect any gas or water lines. Our movers are unable to take off doors that have water or electrical connections going through them. If you know that this needs to be done in order to move the appliance in or out of the area where it is located, please contact an appliance company to do that ahead of time. Pink Dot LLC is not responsible for any of the components within any appliance that may have been shook loose during transportation or delivery.

Services Rendered: On the day of your move our team will begin by doing a walk through of your location and getting an idea on the current location and status of each of your items that will be moved that day. During this time, you will be advised of any damage or compromised items present and/or items not covered in our insurance policy (if applicable). 


Once your move is complete, our movers will have you sign our “Service Completion Form”. This form is to finalize the contract between the client (you) and Pink Dot LLC. This form indicates that all of your items have made it safely to your new location, the time duration and billing of the move is correct, and that you have no damages, claims or missing items. This form will close out the relationship between you and Pink Dot LLC and no damages, insurance claims, or payment disputes will be valid once this form is signed. Make sure to inspect all household goods and items as well as your home before signing the form. Once this form is signed and completed, the relationship between you and Pink Dot LLC will end. Pink Dot LLC is not liable for any and all damages, misplaced items, structural or physical damages once this form is signed.

Labor Only Coverage: Labor only jobs are only offered $0.60/lb valuation protection, while we are on the job site. For jobs where we will not be driving the loaded truck, all coverage is forfeited once we have left the site. We are not liable for any damage that happens during transport.  

PODS (and similar brands): Pink Dot Moving is not responsible for damage once job has been completed. We are not responsible for the transportation of unit, therefore as we are not in possession of property, liability shift to carrier. You are responsible for understanding coverage/liability, as well as all terms given by carrier.

Goods Protection: We offer two options for coverage for residential and office moves: 

  1. Forfeiting the option of coverage for the required $0.60/lb valuation for all items on the inventory list. This option is free of charge, but you do run the risk, should something get damaged, the pay-out is typically lower than the cost of replacement or service to fix.  

  2. Ask about our full value coverage options.

We do not offer coverage to the physical residence, inside or outside. This includes but is not limited to: flooring, walls, railings, windows, drywall, doors, driveways, grass areas, etc. If extra protection inside is desired, we recommend Carpet Shield or Ram Board.  


Items NOT insured: ​While we will always take extreme and utmost caution to keep your items safe, certain more delicate, fragile, assembly-required, or unique items cannot be insured if damaged, no matter the circumstances. At all times, Pink Dot LLC. retains the right to refuse to move any items that we deem unfit for moving for any reason, in our sole discretion. Pink Dot LLC. is not responsible for any item or structure that is assembled or disassembled by Pink Dot LLC. movers. Other items not insured by Pink Dot LLC. are as follows: ​


  • Items not mentioned in the required inventory list.

  • Plants, clay pots, or custom ceramics.

  • Accounts, bills, currency, deeds, evidences of debt, notes, money, securities, medicines, jewelry, diamonds, wedding rings or bands, or other similar valuables.

  • Paintings, mirrors, art work, pictures, statues or other works of art, custom built decorations or installations not boxed or crated correctly.

  • Any box, crate, bag, tote, suitcase or any package that was not packed by our movers.

  • Antique or previously damaged furniture. 

  • Any furniture or goods made of particle board, plywood or custom built furniture.

  • Special care items, including glass table tops, mirrors, picture frames, glass shelves, or high value items that is not boxed or crated correctly. Unboxed lamps, unboxed lampshades, and unboxed floor lamps.

  • Televisions/Printers/Computer Monitors/Appliances/other electronics not packaged in the original packaging or crated correctly. 

We do not offer coverage to the physical residence, inside and outside. This includes but is not limited to: flooring, walls, railings, windows, drywall, doors, driveways, grass areas, etc. If extra protection inside is desired, we recommend Carpet Shield or Ram Board.

In the event of damage: If Full Value Coverage option is chosen (up to the value of $20,000 total coverage). This means any item lost, damaged, or broken while in our care will either be repaired to the condition it was in before we arrived OR replaced with an item of similar kind and quality OR we will pay for the cost of a similar replacement minus depreciation with NO cost to you. We ask that during your move you inspect each item for damages as well as your home. For copies of our policy, to file a damage claim, or if you need more than $20,000 coverage for your goods, please email or call (720)324-1303

Items prohibited for transport: Under NO circumstances are we able to transport the following items (EVEN IF PACKED IN BOXES): Liquids, hazardous materials, taxidermies, flammables, compressed air, dirt, medical equipment, firearms, vehicles, motorcycles, cleaning supplies or products, waterbeds, drugs, alcohol, or illegal items of any kind. 

If any of these items are packed and cause damage to our crew or equipment, Pink Dot Moving retains the right to add a subjective charge in order to fix the damage caused to our crew or equipment. 

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