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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before my movers arrive?

Moving day can be stressful, but we're here to help! A great way to reduce stress, save time, and save money is to prepare days or weeks in advance to make your move go as quick and smoothly as possible. Below are some recommended ways to help you make your moving day a pleasurable one!

      Packing Correctly

  • We ask that customers have all small/medium sized belongings packed in closed boxes, tubs, or crates and to keep loose items to as few as possible. Loose items take more time to load, cannot be stacked or protected, and cannot be insured in the event of damage (ie. lamp shades, clothing, electronics). 

  • Please pack heavy items in smaller boxes and light items in bigger boxes, this makes moving and stacking boxes much easier and will prevent boxes from ripping due to weight. 

  • When flights of stairs are involved, we ask that you empty and repack contents of large or heavy items such as dressers, file cabinets, and items with shelves. This will significantly reduce the weight and will intern increase the speed of loading.

  • When possible, we highly recommend all items such as bed frames and media centers be disassembled prior to your movers arriving. This will save lots of time and intern save you money. Our movers are more than able to assemble/disassemble your items, however we are not liable for for any item or structure that is assembled or disassembled by our movers.

  • Please pack items such as Plasma TV's/Flat Screens/Computer Monitors/Printers/Speakers in their original packing or have them boxed or crated prior to your move. We are able blanket and plastic wrap these items if they are not protected, however we cannot be held liable for damages that may arise from insufficient protection.

  • Please pack items such as paintings, pictures, mirrors, glass tops, and other fragile items in mirror/artwork boxes. We are able blanket and plastic wrap these items if they are not protected, however we cannot be held liable for damages that may arise due to insufficient protection.

  • Please put labels, color-codes, or specific instructions on every item, pre-packed box or anything else you want to be handled with special care or has a specific destination in the house.

  • Please keep the items that your movers should not pack and load on the moving truck separately. These items should include: Personal documents, valuables, heirlooms, jewelry, artwork, collector items, medications, electronic devices of crucial importance (laptop, phone, camera, tablet). 

  • Please remove any mounted items from the wall, especially TV's, as our movers are unable to remove items that may affect the structural integrity of the property. 

  • Please disconnect and empty all appliances. Due to liability reasons we are unable to disconnect or reconnect any gas or water lines on appliances and doing so prior to your move will save you time and money.

  • Please keep large items such as mattresses and box springs easily accessible as these items are generally loaded first.


  • Please secure close parking access for our truck(s). If you are in an apartment building, check with the appropriate building manager for reserving a loading dock or similar spot. This will help prevents long carry distances and will save lots of time during the loading and unloading phases.

  • On the day of your move, please keep walkways and driveways clear of snow, vehicles, and other obstructions. This will make parking and loading quick, easy, and safe.

  • If you have have specific parking needs, extremely steep driveways, dirt roads, or any  potential obstacles for our trucks, we do ask that you let our offices know prior to your move in order for our movers to be prepared in advance. 

What are our hidden fees?

We strive to keep things SIMPLE! We have absolutely no hidden fee's for our household moving/labor services and for services involving pianos, gun safes, and other hard-to-move items, we give a fixed price. Our estimates always include a breakdown of each charge and our pricing model is simple, honest and upfront and we have happy customers because of it. We are proud to have NO fuel fee, NO stair fee, NO plastic wrap or blanket fee and the clock only starts when we arrive at your door and ends when we finish. It's no nonsense and simple. 

What are our time minimums?

For jobs within Boulder County (some exceptions may apply), we have a 2 hour time minimum and after the first 2 hour we charge by the half-hour for our services. 

What is our process for working with a new customer?

New customers will call, email, or text us to determine what all is necessary to get the job done right. Most smaller moves can be estimated over the phone, however we do offer a in person estimate if need arise. Once given an estimate, all we need is basic information (name, phone number, email, physical address, etc.) and a set date and time to finalize the booking. 

What methods of payment to we accept?

Unless provided with a fixed price, we accept payment at the end of the job according to the time taken to complete the job. Methods of payment accepted are Cash, Venmo, Credit/Debit Card. ALL PAYMENTS USING CREDIT/DEBIT CARD ARE SUBJECT TO A 3.5% PROCESSING FEE. Checks are currently NOT accepted.

What is our adverse weather policy?

In the event of inclement weather, Pink Dot LLC. retains the right to cancel or reschedule any moving or delivery service when weather or other conditions would endanger the items moved and the health and safety of our movers, as determined in the sole discretion of Pink Dot Moving. Whenever there is adverse weather, especially snow or ice, the areas needing to be used in the move or delivery must be cleared by the customer to allow our movers to safely execute the delivery or move. Any driveway or truck access location that is covered in snow or ice or anything that prevents our trucks from safely accessing the loading/unloading area may delay the process.

What is the size of our trucks?

Our truck's box is approximately 16' long, 7.5' wide, 7.5' tall. We have a truck with a lift gate for heavier items and another with a ramp to quickly load boxes and lighter items.


Can I tip my movers?

If you feel like your movers did a great job you are more than welcome to tip the movers whatever your feel is appropriate; it is not expected, but always appreciated. Our movers keep 100% of the tips and the tips are split equally between the crew. You can tip with cash, paying using card you will have the option to tip, or you can add the additional amount through Venmo. 

Is my stuff insured in the event of damage?

There are two options for coverage for your office and residential moves. Free of cost you are offered $0.60/lb valuation, or Our moving services include Coverage up to the value of $20,000 total coverage. Call (720) 324-1303 for pricing information regarding full value protection. This means any item lost, damaged, or broken while in our care will either be repaired to the condition it was in before we arrived OR replaced with an item of similar kind and quality OR we will pay for the cost of a similar replacement minus depreciation with NO cost to you. We ask that during your move you inspect each item for damages as well as your home. We do not offer coverage to the physical residence itself and we do recommend using  Carpet Shield or RamBoard to protect floors. If you would like to purchase additional insurance coverage for our labor services or all other services, please email or call us at 720-324-1303. 

Do we offer furniture assembly and disassembly?

Yes we do! Our movers take apart bed frames, futons, couches, etc. on a daily basis, however Pink Dot Moving is not responsible for any item or structure that is assembled or disassembled by Pink Dot movers.

Do we offer floor protection?

In order to keep our prices low and simple, we do not provide additional floor protection. If you would like to provide additional protection such as Carpet Shield or RamBoard our guys are more than able to apply these prior to moving. 

What education and/or training do we have that relates to our work?

While no formal education and training can prepare you for this type of work, our movers work full time together every day, and have completed 1000's of moves and deliveries, with each time learning and growing. We have tools like electric stair climbers and a truck with a hydraulic lift making even the more advanced move easy!

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